Parent reviews: Hear what clients have to say about us

"Our daughter has made so much progress since we started with In-Home Tutors.  Her grades have improved, and so has her self-confidence.
--Lisa V., Roswell

"Dear all,  I want thank you for selecting Brian X to tutor my son, L--.  Brian was encouraging and insightful. He quickly came up with a plan to get L-- focused and on track. He involved me as well as L--'s sister in encouraging L_ and holding him accountable.  Brian was always prompt and professional which was not lost on L--.  L-- began setting his own alarm clock and managing his time, and organizing himself.  I could not have asked for better results. Is L--- a straight A student?  Not quite but he has his own tools to get himself there, and the homework battles are gone. My son is so much more confident and has learned lifeskills to accomplish what he needs to in life.  With that said, Brian has done his job so well that L----- does not need him anymore.  And being a single Mom, this exchange was worth every penny and did not cripple me with a contract and driving all over to get the help we needed. Thank you so much for being so affordable and so successful with IN HOME TUTORS. It was the best fit for us and I would recommend this for anyone who wants to equip their child with the life lessons that Brian brought to our home."   
--Susan S., Roswell

 "Our tutor has improved our quality of life by reducing our parental workload. We saw fast results and my child continues to flourish."
--Mandy R., Woodstock

I liked being tutored by Mrs. T. She's very patient and...builds my confidence.  She's very encouraging.
--Mary J., Marietta

"My son needed  needed to pass a course at higher level to graduate High School. He passed with ease and scored very well...Everything was very positive. I  just recommended In- Home Tutors of Atlanta to a friend who has a has student who needs tutored, Everything was excellent, could not have been more pleased. "
--Theresa, Decatur

"We really liked our new tutor, very professional and was very pleased.  We liked her a lot and she helped her do well on the 6th grade test."
-- Susan, Atlanta

"I have had three tutors and they were all great. One tutor helped raise my daughter's math grade...and another helped raise their SAT in math.  The tutors were fabulous!  I will use the company again in the future."
--Sue, Marietta

"My daughters grade went from an F to a B!  The tutor was so on top of things she sent emails, responded quickly to my daughters questions outside of their tutoring sessions. The tutoring was very positive and our tutor was great. "
--Sandy, Marietta

"Jack is a wonderful math tutor. My daughter and him jive. His teaching style matched her learning style.  We want him back!"
--Jane, Atlanta