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Committed to Helping Your Child Succeed

In-Home Tutors of Atlanta provides tutoring in your own home to students of all ages.  We have served more than 2,000 students since our founding in 2002.  Please Click Here for Client Comments.

Our philosophy sets us apart from other services: 


bulletWe use only qualified tutors with teaching experience and solid references. 
bulletWe carefully match tutors to your child's needs; many of our tutors specialize in teaching children with learning disabilities or AD/HD.  We can also provide licensed speech/language therapists to work with your child in your home.
bulletAll tutoring is one-on-one to maximize your child's progress and eliminate any self-consciousness.
bulletOur tutors come to you.  You do not have to taxi your child anywhere.
bulletWe work around your schedule.  You do not have to leave work early to fit in with our business hours.
bulletWe do not impose our curriculum or methodology on you.  We base our tutoring on your child's school curriculum and text books and work with you and your child's teacher or counselor to identify where your child needs help.
bulletThere is no requirement that your child undergo an expensive initial assessment.  Our tutors generally make an informal assessment of your child's needs as part of the first lesson.
bulletWe never lock you into a long-term contract.  You pay only for lessons received and may cancel at any time.  There is no registration fee and no hidden costs.

First Session 100% Guaranteed.

Call us today for a no-obligation telephone consultation.   We will then match your child with the right tutor.  We are so committed to serving you that we will refund your entire first lesson fee if you are not satisfied for any reason at all. 

Call us now at 770-645-8750 (all metro-Atlanta counties and Athens). 

Speed things up by filling out our information form. Or email us at info@inhometutors.biz

In-Home Tutors accepts payment by check or credit card.  You can also use PayPal.  Clients will receive a username and password which will let you check your lesson history on the Web and make payments by credit card or PayPal,  24 hours a day.


2009 Deo Gloria, LLC.  Email us at info@inhometutors.biz or call 770-645-8750