A Licensed Speech Therapist In Your Home

Did you know that In-Home Tutors offers Speech Therapy as well as tutoring?  Our speech language pathologists (SLPs) are state-certified and experienced and will come to your home at your convenience.   Your child does not need to miss valuable class time at school to go to a speech clinic. Speech therapists in schools have a large case load and are under time constraints of the school system. If you think there might be a speech problem of some sort, donít wait: early intervention works! 

You may hire our speech therapists on the same terms that have our tutoring services so popular: you never have to commit to a fixed number of sessions and, if you already have had your child professionally evaluated, we will not force you to undertake another expensive evaluation.  And, like our tutoring fees, you never pay a premium to bring a professional to your home.  In fact, our typical speech/language therapy fee schedule of $80/hr is one of the lowest rates available anywhere.  All clients receive a treatment plan updated every 6 weeks with measurable short-term goals (click for an example).

Evaluations are not mandatory, but we do offer comprehensive two-hour evaluations, conducted by a licensed diagnostician using nationally recognized evaluation tests.  Our evaluation fee of $295 includes a detailed report as well as a treatment plan.   Alternately, we offer a one-hour articulation evaluation.  The fee of $150 includes a report and treatment plan.

Insurance: In-Home Tutors cannot file any insurance claims on your behalf and has no relationship with any health insurance companies.  We can provide you with documentation signed by a licensed speech therapist which may help you with your claims. The American Speech-Language Hearing Association provides some good information for parents wondering about typical coverage guidelines.

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